Pool Enclosures

Our pool enclosures are designed and constructed according to and exceeds current Florida building code and engineering standards. We never cut corners on our projects and always take the extra step to deliver an excellent result. Aluminum extrusions are custom cut and fabricated in our warehouse located in Melbourne, Florida or on site to fit your needs.

We use a certified structural engineer on every enclosure we build. There are many things an engineer will consider when looking at what your enclosure needs to meet or exceed Florida Building Code requirements. We only choose to buy the best materials available, including aluminum extrusions, screens and fasteners. We use Pro-Tect and Nylo-Tec Fasteners on all of our Installations.

Our sales and design staff will be glad to answer all your questions and guide you through the process. We often help out with supplying the right documents to your Homeowner's Association and in some instances we can even prepare all the paperwork for you.

pool enclosure 15b
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pool enclosure 2b
pool enclosure 3b
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