Foyers & Decorative Doors

Adding a Foyer to your Entrance is a great, budget-friendly addition to your home. In those cooler months let the breeze pass through your home without the hassle and worries about insects or other animals entering your home. We feature a variety of different designs including a huge choice of different design/decorative doors. Look below for all of our decorative door options. Also choose from many different screen styles, decorative doors and other options. Check the pictures below for some ideas. If you have any questions feel free to call us.

  • Create an outdoor living space
  • Lower your cooling cost without the hassle of bugs and insects
  • The colors we offer are white and bronze 
  • Aluminum is powder coated that lasts for years!
  • Huge Decorative Door Selection.
  • Doors are self-latching, closing and out of children’s reach
  • Many different screen types to choose from.

We offer hundreds of different designs from a number of different manufacturers. We are sure we can find the right door for you. You can now view a part of our selection online.

There are many doors to choose from when it comes to decorative screen doors, each with different options. Housman’s Aluminum & Screening, Inc. can beautify your home with some of these doors. Below you will find an overview of decorative doors made by Suntech Doors. Currently these are the only decorative doors that we feature online, although we offer doors from other manufacturers as well.